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Concept of Kayaka & Dasoha
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Dasoha represents the principle of community sharing and co-operation. It involves the principle that the individual should share spontaneously with the community, a part of the earnings from his honest-social labour(Kayaka):


Basavanna said - "Kayakave Kailasa" , it means - "Work is worship". There is worth in every job.When all work is a connotation of worship, however mean and lowly it might be, and thus when all work is integrated in his manner, work becomes 'Kayaka'.
Dignity of work and labour truly achieve the meaning of vocation in every sense. Kayaka does not encourage amassing wealth or hoardng of money. It is not motivated by profit. Kayaka is done in the spirit of Dasoha.


Dasoha is the selfless service to humanity rendered with the realisation that all beings are sparks of divinity and that the spirit of God exists in all creatures. Thus seeking God through service to human being is Dasoha.

The salient features of Dasoha System include the following:

  • The expenses of the Dasoha should be met from the earnings of Kayaka
  • Whatever a person earns by way of Kayaka in excess of his needs should be spent on Dasoha
  • Dasoha does not refer to the feeding of lazy and undeserving persons but those social workers who are engaged actively in safeguarding the interest of the society at large
  • Dasoha undertaken by a person after completing Kayaka sould not be motivated by selfish interests
  • Dasoha is as continuous as Kayaka as Kayaka leads to Dasoha. Thus Kayaka & Dasoha are inter-linked, continuous & eternal
  • Dasoha system is purely socialistic in nature and effect. It ensures equitable distribution of income among the masses while Kayaka ensures jobs for all
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